outlookastrology.com is a free website easily accessible to astrology lovers all over the world. We are currently conducting trial runs on various software programs which will be uploaded on this site and available *free* of cost to those interested in Astrology. Most astrology websites restrict themselves to casting horoscopes and giving brief predictions; whereas our software programs will be more useful to advanced students and researchers in astrology. Our goal is to upload a data bank running into hundreds and hopefully into thousands of horoscopes. The software will scan and analyse data from the data bank and give inputs to the researcher helping him in his study. While no technology can replace or substitute human analytical skills and capabilities our intention is to help, assist and grow these skills  for the advancement of astrological science. We expect the software to save researchers valuable time and cumbersome data crunching. The end purpose is to increase the quality and quantity of astrological output supported by modern techniques. To make the site more broad based, comprehensive and service a wider audience we are seeking out eminent writers and astrological Gurus who can support our efforts and create better awareness. Also we are trying to provide one window solution in astrology by providing books/Gem shopping facilities through our website.